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    Hi peeps advise and help in anyone has any .. I had my op April 8th back to work seemed to be recovering ok, then tried sex with hubby first time and basically he didn’t fit. We laughed it off the first time as just thought was still bit swollen but have tried again and same thing happened it like hitting the end of the wall feeling and won’t go any further , I am scared they have stitched me up wrong or too short on the vaginal cuff … Just keep crying now hubby being very understandable and says we will wait few more weeks . I am miserable as my sex drive is prob better than before the op so I am feeling like I am not normal anymore . I don’t have a follow up appt at the hospital as they don’t give them not sure what to do next .


    Hi kltunny

    What type of hysterectomy did you have? Ive not trued yet but i had TAH and salpengectomy uterus / cervix removed so I’m worried about this too. Have you spoken to ur consultant about it?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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