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    has anyone any results /advice about vagifem pesseries ??
    just been given these by gp ,doesnt say if i should not partake in sex for first few weeks ?
    do they really help ?
    jo x



    Hi. I’ve been using them for about 6 weeks for slight anterior prolapse (cystocele). I think they’ve definitely helped. Some days I feel normal which is a blessing! Was also referred for gynae physio, which I find quite painful, but I believe there is something else going on. I’ve recently started having cramp like pain similar to the endo pain before my hysterectomy. They have helped with dryness though, so at the moment unsure what to do, but am carrying on and will see how things go.


    thanks for responding…i think i am going to try and carry on as i am and not use the vagifem unless i become so dry i have no choice…dont want the endo pain back again!!!!!
    hope things improve for you .
    jo x



    I had my subtotal hysterectomy performed in 2003. Since then I was prescribed HRT patches for dreadful hot flushes which I have used decreasing the doseage. About six months ago I was taken off HRT patches by (male) doctor.

    I recently had a cervical smear procedure because I still have my cervix. At the clinic I was told that my cervix had become dry and shrunken (!!!) and was quite some way back in my pelvis and advised to obtain Vagifem from the doctor, which I did.

    I have been using Vagifem quite happily, but when I had my cervical smear performed this week I was told that I now have a small polyp attached to my cervix.

    I have since read that oestrogen is responsible for polyps and it has scared me into thinking that the Vagifem may have helped my cervix cultivate this unwanted occupant. I am due to see my doc next week and I am now feeling really fed up without any HRT at all because I find it works wonders for me.

    What would you do in this situation!?!

    Any feedback gratefully received, thanks.



    I’ve used vagifem for years and found it helped. Had sub total hysterectomy with BSO 8 wks ago and at my follow up at the hospital, doctor said to use it again. So just waiting to see if anything is different. You do have to persevere with Vagifem, it did take me a long time to feel slightly better. Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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