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    Don’t worry you haven’t frightened me. I’ve actually watched the procedure on UTube and am totally mesmerised by it all. I’m relatively open minded about everything and I am the kind of person that likes to know exactly what will happen etc. My consultant is impressed by my positive attitude I have had throughout all y treatment and he said that it makes our consultations easier cos I know exactly what I want and have things clear in my head.

    I have always had a high threshold to pain and I just take things as they come. My gran always used to say ‘if life throws you a lemon…….. Make lemonade’ life throws us all many challenges and we have to face them all and take them as they come.



    How right you are and that positive attitude will help you through this too – and although I too have a high pain threshold I have to say you shouldn’t be in any real pain at all and I didn’t mean to give you the impression you would be.

    You sound a very strong lady and I wish you well – I know I could not have watched it on utube so well done for that haha !!

    Good luck and again any questions we are all here for you. Xx



    Hi Helen. I had a LAVH in November, and to make sure they can see enough with the laparoscope they pump in gas to open things up. Afterwards that causes some discomfort, and when it gets absorbed it may cause discomfort coming out… The surgeon said it can cause referred pain in the shoulder if it presses against the diaphragm but I didn’t have any problems with that.

    One of the frustrating things for me is feeling reasonably well, and not being unable to do much. If I get a sudden pull I know I have to stop NOW, or I will need 24 hours of lying on the couch. I had emergency surgery to have an ovary removed when I was 17 and that was done abdominally, with a bikini line scar. I had a lot more pain from that, but was mobile much more quickly this time, and overall the recovery and the inability to do much is about the same.



    Thanks for your reply. I am going to ask the hospital at my pre surgery assessment about this. I don’t mind, I just like to be prepared. I’m going privately and the hospital staff are amazing. Since this will be my 6th visit they all know me and I know I’ll get the best of care.

    How r u feeling now after your operation.



    Yes its mainly caused by the gas they pump into you to ensure the abdominal cavity is expanded so they get a clearer view etc, some surgeons dont remove it all properly after the op, but some can remain in the tissues etc. also its usually worse when having an abdo cut as they manhandle your bowel etc, whereas im not sure if they manhandle the bowel as much with a vaginal.

    I too am like you like to know everything and watched also on you tube lol!

    Good luck with everything.

    Amanda x



    Hi Helen,
    I had a TAH / BSO in Ross Hall in April. I have to agree that the staff and care I received were excellent. Although I had wind – it was not trapped and never needed to take the peppermint oil / tea I had bought! (TMI!)
    8 months on, I still get Swelly belly if I do too much & get tired (but that could just be an age thing!).

    Good luck – hope all goes well for you.




    Hi Helen

    I had minimal bleeding even the consultant said I didn’t bleed much during the op, but after a few days of small amounts of brown blood and being in a liner I had a ‘period’ type bleed which was started the same time I was due my period (although I had my cervix removed). I phoned the ward and as I didn’t need to change my pad every half hour the nurse wasn’t worried and said I was probably because I was more active. That was day 11 I am now day 17 and again it is all very minimal.

    Re the wind, I didn’t suffer from that as I wasn’t blown up, I think that is if you have it done via the abdomen. But…. what I did notice is that for the first 2 wks it was uncomfortable when I wanted to guff, needed a wee or no 2. I assume that is all because of the bruising down there but all is good now.

    Mand x



    Thanks Mand. I am expecting some bleeding but if you read one of my earlier posts I have had two bad bleeds and it just scares me. I spoke to my consultant about it and he knows my fears so they will take the necessary precautionary steps to make sure it may not happen this time.

    5 weeks on Monday!



    Hi ladies x
    I am new to the site. Saw my consultant last week, I have a ‘significant’prolapse as he said and I am ‘on the list’ for a vaginal hy
    sterectomy and I think the top of the vaginal vault will be attached to sacral ligament via keyhole surgery. A couple of days after my appt the prolapse has worsened. Now as well as the smooth end of the cervix protruding I have crinkly tissue which seems to be the anterior vaginal wall which he did say was weakened. Do you think I should inform him of this change and is this a more urgent problem? I am anxious about emptying my bowel now which is already difficult as I feel every strain is likely to make things worse :/ thanks xxx



    Hi angie,

    Welcome – here you will find lots of support and information – have a good read around !!

    I imagine when your consultant said you had a significant prolapse he was likely aware of the likelihood that it could become worse – this condition ( prolapse) apparently is not deemed to be urgent ( I know as I too have something similar) but there is no reason why you shouldn’t let him know although I’m not sure it would hurry things along for you ( I’ve googled it !! ). 😯

    I would just be very careful when moving your bowels not to push or strain and there’s no reason why you couldn’t let him know that things are worse and perhaps things could move quicker for you. The nhs unfortunately seems to be struggling and it’s a complete nightmare the amount of time we need to wait to be seen and then treated. 😥

    I hope you get a date soon for your op and if you let us know we can then add you to the monthly forums where you can chat with other ladies having their op at the same time as you.

    Take care xx

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 30 total)
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