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Forums Forums Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT Concerns and Side Effects when do i start HRT after having total hysterectomy ?

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    hi there !
    Im really totally confused as to when to start Hrt . I want to start taking it to reduce the hot flushes and to encourage a generral sense of well -being and for my concerns relating to osteoporosis. i had my surgery 3 weeks ago . My surgeon gave me a one month course of estradiol 50 mg patches (as i said pre surgery i was keen to do this) to use when i came out of hospital . i used 2 but stopped after this due to the complication of a posterior vaginal repair infection i had which needed a course of anti biotics , and was also advised by my G.P. that i was trying to address too much at once. i agreed . The infection has now cleared and i returned to a different G.P and asked her advice as to whether i should resume my use of the patches and she said i should not as it was too soon after surgery and she was concerned about risk of thrombosis . i said that the gynaecologist gave me the patches when i left hospital so she said that i should do as he said. i have a follow up appt. in 3 weeks with the gynaecologist so my question to anyone out there !! is should i start the patches now and see what he says or listen to my G.P who says its too soon to start as she feels its too soon after surgery to have any menopausal symptoms ??




    The advice seems to be very varied, which I realise is not much help! There is a risk of thrombosis, but I would have assumed that your consultant would have factored this in when giving you the patches. If you are fully mobile, this risk is reduced.
    I do know that it is often advised to wait if there has been endometriosis.
    have you looked at the Menopause matters website? You may get more advice there.

    Sorry, not much help I know, but maybe someone else will be along with an answer.

    Fiona x



    thanks so much Fiona for your reply . i will have aloof there thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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