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  • Aww, thankyou Marcia ,and hoping you can move forward, we keep trying don’t we , I hope you may find some new friends but I know that’s not always easy ,as I don’t go out so much not being able to enjoy or do as much as previously its hard.You may find in time that your able to do new things that when in pain you were limited I do hope so.
    Same…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia ,just wondering if you are ok ,was worried as you haven’t posted for a while ,hoping that you are much better n maybe you have decided to stop posting and you are getting on with a fresh start if that’s the case I wish you well and sending you lots of love and thankyou for the support and friendship over the past few years, lots of love…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia,Oh so nice to hear your off all your pain meds that’s wonderful, Ive telephoned the hospital today to speak to the nurse that’s been helping me with electrode treatment and she’s going to refer me back to specialist at the local hospital as Ifeel leakage seems to be more of a problem and will see if there are any other options rather…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia ,thanks for the Easter wishes my daughter husband and 8month old granddaughter been here so Ive been rather busy doing meals etc, although hubby helps as he knows it all takes its toll on me, hope you weren’t interrogated to much at your sisters and that lunch was sufferable, ha ha, know the feeling.All back to normal whatever that is…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia,Oh to have good friends and how lovely they have picked you up, it will do you the world of good I’m sure , lets hope you get spoilt a bit.Spent the morning in a peak district park with hubby n grandchildren ,not a lot of walking and plenty of toilets.Having to check places out before goin these days n then afternoon on the electrode…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia,Lactulose didn’t do anything for me but it does seem to help some people,not sure if you can buy the Laxido I take at the chemist or online,mine is on prescription all the time.Theres also Fybrogel think you can get that at chemist,good old baked beans seems to help me too although I’m not a fan and they take some getting down.

    Hope you…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia,Well at least you tried a little walk its still very early days and no you shouldn’t be better by now ,I felt key hole was worse for me it upset how everything worked bowels/bladder and digestion seemed affected too, I don’t think things are as straight forward as people seem to think ,just because you’ve got smaller holes doesn’t mean…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia.So glad things seem a little improved for you ,yes I think it can be an emotional roller coaster ,must be hormones sometimes think they are all over the place ,hope today is better for you after your early night.
    Had tooth done again but to be honest feels really strange going back for a polish next week so will see how it goes ,still…[Read more]

  • Hi Patience , just read your post , I was left with nerve pain in my coccyx area after my first prolapse operation some 5yrs ago after being prescribed various meds found that nortriptylin works for me but it does take a couple of months before you feel the benefits.Im still on it after trying to see if Iwas ok without but unfortunately not and…[Read more]

  • Ooh nice to hear from you Marcia kept wondering how things were with you,sound like little steps on the road to recover Yes it can be a shock to the system just with the anaesthetic keep taking the pain meds ,having some of that myself again tomorrow stupid tooth not right been to a different dentist and got to have root canal all redone ,costing…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia ,Thinking of you and hoping youre not in to much pain and that your problems are few, oooh those first few days and weeks can be a struggle .If you are loads better after then it will have been worth it,do hope you have a bit of help at home too ,sending all good wishes to you ,lots of love Jilly b xxxx

  • Hi Marcia,so glad it all done for you and fingers cross that your all sorted sound like they have been thorough, yes stay in as long as you can ,think we are all sent home far to early after these ops,although its nice to be home you are then left to your own devices.Take care and go really steady sending big hugs n lots of love Jilly b xxxx

  • Hi Marcia,just poping in to wish you so much good luck for tomorrow not sure what time your op is but will be thinking of you ,take it very easy afterwards and really take care of number one ,I will look forward to hearing from you when you feel able to post ,sending you lots of love and positive vibes.

    Jilly b xxxxxxx

  • Hi Marcia, just an update ,been to my hospital appointment today to see the nurse who’s looking after my electrode treatment. No improvement regarding leakage probs but some improvement on the feeling of bowel prolapse ,so its been suggested to continue with the treatment but I now have to buy a machine ,so have promptly ordered one £80 and it…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia ,and whoopee ,whoopee, hip hip hooray, a date well bet your over the moon .ooh it will soon come round,totally agree with you ,anything that helps with the pain and allows you to function better is all anyone wants.Oooohhh I’m so excited for you, well excited seems like the wrong word but Its true when you hope n pray that someone will…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia,nice to hear from you ,yes root work went ok n they hoping it will be sorted but no guarantees and it does seem to feel strange ,only time will tell I suppose.Just seem to be getting over that when Ive been struck down with diaorhoea, phew been on t
    the loo about every hour ,so not done my electrode thing ,and basically just been lying…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia,Yes enjoyed my mini break with minimum walking about ,but nice to be somewhere a bit different.Was hoping that you may hear this week you do get fed up of chasing things about though.Is your job home based at the moment if its been ok up till now then I don’t blame you for carrying on if it suits,hope your pain as been manageable ,life…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia ,ooh lovely a night at the theatre must be at least 6yrs since Ive been out in the evening ,I’m afraid I always feel worse for trying anything late in the day boo what a way to live.
    Not to bad here going to my daughters tomorrow till wed,it will be lovely to see my granddaughter ,its so hard being careful picking her up etc,also have to…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia,Youre not on your own with the s o s programme it doesn’t take much does it.Yes I have the same prob with looking ok but Knowing I’m not.I even sometimes get the feeling that if I do a little outing That I would rather not bump in to anyone I Know, stupid but that’s how I feel and sometimes its just easier to say yes I’m ok than go into…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcia,I was so pleased to see your spirits were a bit better ,as you say we seem to process things after a day or two and try to look forward but it can be so hard at the time when were feeling low .I Know it almost makes me depressed even though I try not to be.Im on my own this afters as husband takes grandsons to watch local football,well…[Read more]

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